About Us

About Veluwe Granen

Veluwe Granen is a trading company that trades in animal feed ingredients; it is located in Ede, the Netherlands. We supply barley, wheat and corn, among other things. By purchasing from cooperatives and collectors as much as possible, we can supply our customers with a variety of high-quality raw materials at attractive prices.


All grains supplied by Veluwe Granen are GMP+-certified. GMP+ is an international quality system that ensures the safety of animal feeds. As a result, Veluwe Granen will always supply you with grains that meet strict quality requirements, thereby guaranteeing quality.

Our philosophy

Reliability and trust are important pillars at Veluwe Granen. The objective of our philosophy is to establish long-term and reliable partnerships:

  • Inspiring confidence = Receiving confidence
  • Good for the customer = Good for us
  • A deal = a deal


  • Karen / Natasja / Anne / Ilse
  • General: execution@veluwegranen.nl
  • Call off: afroepen@veluwegranen.nl
  • +31 (0)318 769 155


  • Wilco / Joyce / Reynanda
  • Algemeen: wilco@veluwegranen.nl
  • E-invoices: invoice@veluwegranen.nl
  • +31 (0)318 769 255


  • Nicolas: nicolas@veluwegranen.nl
  • Gerard: gerard@veluwegranen.nl
  • +31 (0) 318 785 907