About Veluwe Granen

Veluwe Granen is a trading company active as a supplier and advisor to the self-mixers.

Our objective is to bring farmer and self-mixing farmer together.

By establishing fixed lines between these two there are a lot of advantages:

Fewer links in the chain
guaranteed quality
Deliver to exacting specifications
Calculating, in feed costs
Better yield in Euro / tonne
So you want a good price? Call us!

You want good food at a good price? Call us!

Our Features

  • Give confidence = Get confidence
  • Good for the customer = Good for us
  • Appointment = Appointment

Our customers

What customers say about Veluwe Granen

  • Veluwe Granen stands next to the farmer to optimize its performance. This is quite true and my return is significantly optimized!

    Bart Bob
  • Direct lines between farmer and farmer in the most efficient way possible. My turnover has grown significantly because of Veluwe Cereal!