Also active as a supplier for the compound feed industry and home compounders.

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Direct lines between farmer and farmer in the most efficient way possible.

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Bring together supply and demand in animal feed ingredients is the blood of Veluwe Granen.

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With Veluwe Granen we want to stand next to the farmer to optimize its performance.

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Reliable and innovative

Our aim is to bring cropper and self-mixing farmer together.


Veluwe Granen is a trading company active as a supplier and advisor to the self-mixers. Our objective is to bring farmer and self-mixing farmer together. By establishing fixed lines between these two there are a lot of advantages:

  • Fewer links in the chain
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Deliver to exact specification
  • Sharp figure in feed costs
  • Improved yield in Euro

You want good food at a good price?

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The main activity of Veluwe Cereals is trading in the animal feed ingredients. as for:

Healthy E.U. corn

Ideal raw material for layers!

Healthy feed barley

Ideal raw material for pigs. But with chicks we also have good experiences.

Quality wheat farmer clean

Good raw material for poultry and pigs!

Soya HP 49/3

Protein product of extracted (GMO) soybeans.

Rapeseed ’00’ flakes

A good replacement for soy in protein-rich foods.